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POM Etiquette & Policies

Pilates on Main is committed to being a welcoming, safe space for everyone who chooses to work with us for their wellness needs. With that in mind, our classes welcome everyone, all shapes, sizes, genders, ages, etc. Respect is at the core of how we do business and bullying or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Thank you in advance for helping us create an environment of peace and kindness.

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Private Pilates & Personal Training Cancellation Policy

* ALL privates require a 24-hour cancellation notice. If you do not cancel in advance, you will be automatically charged for the session.

* If you are unable to cancel within these times or do not show up for your appointment, you will be charged for that session. 

* Please cancel your appointment through your online account or contact us directly via text 24 hours prior to your Private Session.  There are no exceptions. We appreciate your understanding of this.

Class Cancellation Policy

* All Classes require a 12 hour cancellation notice. If you do not cancel in advance within the 12 hour period, that credit will be deducted from your account.

* If you late cancel 2 or more times, you will incur an additional fee of $10/per late cancellation which will be automatically charged to your account. If you are unable to cancel within these times and do not show up for your class, you will be automatically charged a $20 No-Show Fee.  

* Please cancel your class through your online account or contact us via text. There are

no exceptions. We appreciate your understanding of this.

POM Etiquette

Pilates on Main is a synthetic chemical free business. Our and your health and well-being matter most above all else.


To Protect the Health of our clients and staff, we have a NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE POLICY:

We ask that you refrain from wearing Perfumes - Perfumed body lotions - Perfumed body sprays during your visit.


We offer a wide range of Therapeutic Body, Hair, Make-up, & Beyond Organic Aromatic products in our POM Boutique that not only protect your well-being but also smell divine without any of the damaging effects caused by Synthetic Fragranced Products.


Migraine headaches - allergic reactions - decreased lung function - hormonal damages - neurological harm are a few of the damaging effects of using synthetic products of all types on our bodies.


All surfaces, apparatus, & props are cleaned and sanitized using beyond organic - 100% Plant & Mineral based products.


We diffuse the highest-quality, farm-raised & distilled therapeutic oils in order to sanitize the air - promote increased lung function - relax the nervous system. There will never be toxic chemicals,

room sprays/deodorizers, or candles used at POM. 


We also believe in taking great care of the planet God gave to us. This belief is reflected in the good earth stewardship practices used throughout our space.

No single use paper, plastic, or drinking vessels are used. We provide pure, natural spring water for all clients and guests, and suggest you bring your own glass or stainless steel bottle to hydrate during your sessions. 


We launder all cleaning towels in the same 100% Plant & Mineral based product line, ensuring every interaction you have at POM is one that positively affects your Physical, Mental, & Spiritual well-being on all levels.


We take great pride in the work we do at Pilates on Main, and the legacy we leave behind for our future generations and invite you to join us on this path of natural living through God's Gifts of Nature and Good Earth Practices.


All the love and high vibes, Jaclyn & Jamison

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