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About Us

Health is Harmony of Body, Mind, and Spirit...

Pilates on Main is about building health through whole body harmony. Just like our ancestors who settled in Appalachia hundreds of years ago, we know that only persistent work can keep deep roots strong and that true growth comes from lifting up those around you. Pilates on Main had its foundations forged long ago in the hills of Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. While our practices are grounded in tradition, we embrace modern wellness methods and strive to be better, brighter, and more whole every day.

Our Story

Pilates on Main is co-owned by Jamison Burchell and Jaclyn Ruble who have each worked within the fitness, coaching, and wellness industries for decades. Their unique approach to whole body health is all about balance and harmony. To be truly "healthy" your mind should be clear, your body should be flexible, and your spirit should be at peace.

Their goal is to lead you to your own healthy harmony.  

Your Guides

Meet Jamison

Comprehensive Pilates Instructor + 23 years of experience as a Personal Trainer; Strength & Conditioning Specialist; Certified Kettlebell Instructor; TRX Instructor; Group Fitness Instructor; Nutrition Coach

Hello! I'm Jamison and I've always been a health and fitness enthusiast! For me, I've found a direct connection between my personal growth and development, and my commitment to fitness and flexibility training. I discovered Pilates around 2018 and immediately found it to be a brilliant mechanism for cross-training to increase strength, stability, and flexibility. At the time, I was already an avid runner, was training regularly in the gym, and I was competing as a Professional Bodybuilder. Throughout my fitness journey, I've enjoyed diversifying my activities by incorporating various forms of strength training and Pilates, and I've had the great fortune to have trained with some of the world’s top-rated personal trainers.


In 2019, it was recommended that I start physical therapy to rehabilitate my lower back and relieve some ongoing discomfort I was experiencing. Instead, I choose to return and commit to my own Pilates practice. The results were astounding! I felt increased lower back strength and flexibility and improved abdominal strength all through Pilates. These results motivated me to become an instructor and help experience what Pilates can do for their overall strength and health.

Meet Jaclyn

Pilates Instructor and Wellness Coach

Over 10 years of experience as a Pilates Instructor with focuses in reduction of chronic pain, increased flexibility, and holistic wellness practices

Hello to all! I'm Jaclyn and I began my Pilates & Holistic Health Journey in 2013 after decades' long struggles with allergies, auto-immune, hormonal imbalances, acneic rosacea, and chronic pain. After my second Mat Pilates Class, I walked away pain free for the first time in years and decided that evening, "everyone needs this in their life!" After that class everything for me changed and I committed to a new career path and lifelong passion. 

Focusing on form, fun, and life-changing programs customized to each client's needs and challenges, my goal for YOU is to leave every class/private session feeling stronger, more confident, less pain, and in control of your body versus your body controlling you. Another part of my healing passion is empowering others with the tools and knowledge to live life OUTSIDE of the studio as God intended, naturally and holistically - practicing these principles in all facets of my life. Away from the studio, you can find me doting on my two dogs, cooking, spending time with my loved ones, and planning your next class - amazing playlist included! Let's GO!

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